the term itself reveals that it is the therapy or a modality which deals with Numbers. The word NUMERO means ‘Number’ and LOGY means ‘Studies’.

    Hence Numerology is the scientific study of Numbers. We can’t survive without experiencing or accruing the benefits of numbers in this Universe. There are many methods in Numerology such as Numerology Chart and Numerology Calculator.

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    Money Magnet

    - My Mantra - Believing is Healing Enhance your NeuroMagnetic Current for Wealth Multiply

    This will help in planning, execution, focus in the right direction, concentration. Through this pattern you will also notice capability enhancement, adaptability will increase even if you have optimum utilization of limited available resources available. Once you have started doing it you will notice after a month how you are able to understand graphs from micro to macro. it will also help in enhancement capability gradually.


    Hear from a handwriting analyst what excessive use of computers, gadgets does to your child’s mind hyperactivity disorders

    If a child writes without following the baseline and flouts the ‘four-line concept’ of forming a letter, it depicts lack of concentration and frustration.
    Many kids had scratched out and written something over and over. This depicts a hesitant personality with low self -confidence, say the analysts.
    Another common aspect that showed up in the face-to-face interviews was that most of the parents found it convenient to substitute their presence with television and gadgets.

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    Mental illness, high blood pressure? Handwriting analysis can reveal all Mental illness?

    Nearly everyone has at least one sign of depression in their writing, which is nothing to worry about. It is when you or a loved one has a grocery list of these specific traits found in the writing that you want to pay closer attention.
    Many years of compiled studies and research have discovered that everything from pregnancy to schizophrenia, thyroid imbalance to suicidal tendencies, cancer to Parkinson’s, mental illness to nymphomania, and much more can show up in a person’s writing.


    Handwriting can tell whether your partner has commitment phobia Make peace !!

    Do you often lose your cool with your parents and hurt them with words? It could be because of a hidden anger against parents. Check your handwriting and find out how to make peace with them with handwriting analysis ....
    For many people, the differences with parents exist only at verbal level, but some get violent with them and don’t desist from torturing them mentally and physically without any remorse. We’ll call them scoundrels and abandon them right here.

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    Poor self-esteem says: I don’t like myself, but I love you truly, madly Check your t-bars

    In handwriting analysis, one of the indicators of low self-esteem is a low t-bar. It indicates that the writer does not accept himself the way he is. And instead of bringing out improvements, the writer keeps crticising himself.
    Small handwriting says the writer is focused. Scholars, such as Einstein, had small handwriting.
    Low self esteem can do you a great deal of damage. Take a look at your handwriting for a test of low self esteem and know how to raise your self esteem.


    Assessing candidates the write way .... Personality traits companies look for?

    Companies use handwriting analysis to screen candidates. Do you want to know what human resource managers look for in the applicant's handwriting?
    Not only does handwriting analysis reveal personality, but it is also a great screening tool for corporates in hiring right candidates. Plus, it also helps in building interpersonal relationships. There are several benefits of handwriting analysis and you must experience them at least once.


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  • Take a A-4 sheet
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  • Do not copy the matter from anywhere.
  • At the end do give your signature.



Few words about Handwriting Analysis

Is a method of identifying, evaluating and understanding a person’s personality through the patterns revealed by his handwriting. Whether you mind your "P"s or "q"s and dot your "I" or "j" and cross your "t" s can say a lot about how you think and behave.

Graphology .... as the name already suggests, grapho means .... "graph" and logy means "study". Our mind has neurons and they are further linked to our fingers, and our mood affects our writing and I am sure everybody will agree to this. When we are bored or in a real bad mood our handwriting goes heavier and it’s absolute illegible and it’s just the opposite when we are in a good mood.

The historical development of handwriting analysis spans more than a thousand years but the actual development of the science only occurred during the last hundred years. References to handwriting analysis exist on cave walls in ancient temples in India. A book owned by the Brahmans, written in a language few scholars today can decipher, describes handwriting analysis. Handwriting analysis was sanctioned by Pliny, Emperor Augustus and Albertus Magnus by Galen, Ptolemy, Avicenna and Averroes.

Communicating through written symbols is a uniquely human endeavor. Although all graphic movements can be analyzed, handwriting is the most accessible for analysis because we teach the subject in our schools and most people can write.

Your conscious mind determines WHAT you write and subconscious mind determines HOW you write. Thus personality characteristics can be analyzed by an evaluation of the inescapable elements of handwriting which include size, pressure, speed, spacing, slant and over 20 others.

Handwriting analyses have long been used in Europe, where both the academic and business worlds consider it as a valid psycho diagnostic technique. Many companies in US now believe that it is now far less costly than the battery of psychological tests many companies use in the hiring process.



3 very important tips to improve your signature & make it elegant:

Signature Analysis






Have you ever realized that you have been given one of the most powerful tool in your hands to bring change in yourself and hence your life?

The technique of bringing this change lies in your hands – in your handwriting.

You can be a different personality by changing how you write, be it strokes you make, the alphabets you write.

Do you know that you altering the amount of pressure you exert you can bring in more energy in you?

That controlling your temper lies in how your strike your 't'?

Being impatient and careless has lot to do with and whether you put a dot on your i(s) and j(s)?

The habit of always delaying and procrastinating can be overcome by striking your t(s)?

Changing the margins you leave or don’t leave, while writing can make you a future oriented person or help you in moving away from your past?

The science of bringing changes into our personality and character by bringing changes into the way we write is called Graphotherapy or Hand Writing Therapy.

It is based on the principle of reverse psychology.

Graphotherapy is a branch of Graphology, used the world over, across nations by thousands of people to bring changes in themselves.

How Graphotherapy works?

Graphothreaphy is changing the ‘old habits’ in your subconscious mind which makes you by changing the way you write.

For an individual, at times it is extremely difficult to explain self why despite of best of the efforts and intentions, he or she is not able to achieve what is targeted and why for some people, the targets are achieved in an easy or not so struggling manner. It is not about ‘luck’ but it is about the approach and the quality of the efforts that go in for achieving a target. These targets can be on a personal ground or professional challenges.

Each stroke that we make in our handwriting or the pressure used in our writing or the method of writing different alphabets depicts the real personality in you. It not only portraits your personality but it gives the areas that can be improved inside you to be a strengthen person.

Through Graphology, you will learn about the different strokes in your handwriting and change in the ‘Way You Write’ (Graphotheraphy) these strokes through repetitive exercise will trigger back to the subconscious mind resulting in overcoming the ‘old habits or traits’ inside you and creating you to ‘what you want to be’.

It can also be termed as amalgamation of the principles of neurology and psychology.



What is Numerology?
In simple terms we can say it’s a study of numbers. Why do we get attracted towards certain individuals who have our friendly numbers. In simple terms numerology is a study of numbers in your life. We can uncover details about each individual by knowing his date of birth. Numerology is seen as a universal language of numbers.

The word NUMERO means 'Number' and LOGY means 'Studies'. Hence Numerology is the scientific study of Numbers. We can’t survive without experiencing or accruing the benefits of numbers in this Universe.

Where did numerology come from? This question is asked number of times and has different theories related to it. Few say it came from Egypt and Babylon as earliest written records of numerology are derived from there.

Where numerology came from and how it came to be is somewhat of a mystery, like many ancient philosophies. Egypt and Babylon are where the earliest written records of numerology are said to be. Modern-day numerology is normally credited to Pythagoras, who was a Greek philosopher. Although it is not known if he invented Numerology, he had some theories behind it, which took numbers to a completely different level. These theories are now the reason behind Pythagoras having the credit for modern day numerology.

There are Psychic Numbers, Destiny Numbers, Soul Urge Numbers, etc taken into consideration while predicting about anyone. There are master numbers in numerology, which are 11, 22, 33. Why are they considered to be master numbers. As they have powerful and deep meaning to it.

The most asked question on numerology is, that does it really work. Just by knowing your date of birth how can you predict about an individual’s personality, compatibility, likes and dislikes, settlement etc. I will say yes, it does work and we can find out hidden secrets of an individual. It revolves around the 9 planets in the universe.



Rotary Club Of Delhi Central

Rotary Club Of Delhi Central Next - At Indian Habitat Centre

Date: 29th September 2019

IT Solutions Private Limited

Date: 25th September 2019

Pathways School Gurgaon - Introduction to Graphology

Date: 28th May 2016



6 feb

I know most of you will agree with me that, most people perceive the word EGO as insulting or negative. You should see the other side of it, where we say that a healthy ego is an important piece of good self esteem. As Bart Baggett, a famous graphologist says "You may find someone with t-bars at the top of the stem, but if they have a tiny underdeveloped personal pronoun 'I' and a weak signature, the person may be ambitious but lacks the 'confidence and sense of certainty' to really achieve". They may achieve, but not to the level of a similar person with a healthy 'I' and large signature.

Pressure reveals the amount of mental energy the writer is currently using in his/her life. Pressure is an "unfixed" graphological trait, which means that we don't always write with the same pressure, it keeps changing according to our mood. For some, it may be same most of the time, which means that they are feeling averagely intense. People who write with high pressure indicate that they have high emotional energy.

One of the most profound uses of handwriting analysis is the art of compatibility analysis. Why I say "art" because even though predicting the personality is based on solid psychological principles, the ability to combine those two personalities and predict how these to humans will interact takes years of experience and is not something that can be calculated with math.

It is always easy to put the blame on your partner but according to me its a two way street. If you have any issue in your relationship get your handwriting analyzed by an handwriting analyst, so that you get the right solutions.

Do u know the Fear of Success is shown by a down turned y or g that doesn't go beyond the baseline. The closer it shows to the baseline, it shows that closer the person will approach the finish line, and take a u turn. Often the person have a feeling for dejection which occurs near success, as a result this person will get very close to success and then fail. These are small things but have lot of significance in our life.

Let’s talk about normal things that we can do to raise our spirit. Start speaking positively to yourself and start laughing at anything that you remember from your past......Just Try. Now force yourself to smile, may be its a fake smile but slowly ....slowly as you force yourself to smile long enough, you will eventually feel it for real. Handwriting is Brain writing ........concentrate to keep your handwriting going in a straight line across the page when you write. With practice one day you will see the change that happened unconsciously......it has become natural for u. This applies to everyone.....so from now on if you see someone writing downhill just be a buddy and help him with his writing and show him or her how much you care.



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